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Company Profile

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Nanchang Enhui medical and health materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Enhui medical): established in 2002, the company has nearly 20 years of experience in the production of medical and health materials and medical waste materials, covering an area of 28000 square meters, with 8000 square meters of modern style factories, advanced automatic production lines and professional sterile laboratory of experimental instruments, 100000 level purification workshop, To ensure the quality and safety of all products. The main product series of Enhui medical are: wound dressing, operating room consumables, medical health materials and home health care products, etc. it is an independent innovation enterprise that develops, produces and sells medical dressing and daily consumer goods with cotton as the main raw material. Enhui medical is a manufacturer and direct seller of national medical device registration products, and an Alibaba real name certification enterprise.
Enhui Medical has introduced professional talents and established a set of strict management system to ensure the company's scientific and standardized operation, We adhere to quality firs,product safety first,social responsibility first; adhere to quality prior to profit ,brand priority In terms of speed and sustainable development.Enhui Medical adheres to the philosophy of "Quality Service ,Customer First,Quality Firs”and is committed to providing  a more comprehensive medical and household products solution.In the days to come ,Enhui Medical will be as full of pride and confidence ,and work together to pursue new glory at a new starting point !

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